Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kevin and DeLana Harvick are looking for someone special. Can you help?

   NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kevin Harvick and his wife, DeLana, met a special person on a recent visit to Fort Bragg in North Carolina. But they never caught his name.

    They posted the following note Tuesday on Facebook:

    "Okay Fort Bragg followers, we need your help. A few weeks ago when DeLana and I were in Ft. Bragg, we came in contact with a solider as we were leaving the Soldier & Family Assistance Center.

    He told us that he and his friend were huge Kevin Harvick fans. Soon after watching the Daytona 500, he and his friend were out on patrol, in Afghanistan I believe, and his friend was killed. He gave me a pin from his friend’s uniform. Before we could process what had just happened, between the tears, soldier was gone.

    We never got his name…

   We've been working with the folks from Ft. Bragg since that day with no luck. It would mean so much to us if anyone has any information about this particular solider we met in Ft. Bragg and how we might be able to contact him.

    We’ve got something we want to get to the soldier and are hoping we can get the word out via social media. There are no pictures, video, etc of our meeting… so we are asking for any help in this matter!"

   Go here to see Harvick's Facebook page.

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