Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smith claims "done deal" report on track move is wrong

   The following is a statement from Speedway Motorsports Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, O. Bruton Smith:

“The ‘done deal’ report by WBTV regarding moving a race is false. No final decision has been made regarding any race date move, and I have not discussed this with NASCAR. 

   “Instead of what ‘could’ happen, let’s set the facts straight about what has happened. We’ve invested $100 million in the Charlotte Motor Speedway complex in the past six years to make it even better for the fans. We’ve expanded our fan zone, added pit road suites and built the world’s largest HDTV for every fan to enjoy. We’ve put more people to work with these projects and we’ve added more events to the calendar to bring in more tourists and fans. And we’ve done this during the worst economy since the Great Depression. 

   “We’ve done this without asking for a handout from the government, like we’ve seen from so many other sports facilities, teams or franchises, and yet at the same time property values are falling during the recession, our Cabarrus County taxes have doubled since 2005. We absolutely love the fans that come to Charlotte Motor Speedway. It’s frustrating to think about the future and consider that the local government doesn’t share the same excitement about Charlotte Motor Speedway that our fans do. The Cabarrus County politicians may say nice things to the media, but raising taxes does not support the tourism business, the area economy or companies trying to grow.”


  1. That's the way to tell it, Bruton!

  2. This do u chewagon can't pack his s*** and head to Vegas fast enough.

    He shot his mouth off, and now he's trying to do what he does best - lie to get out of it.

    Get lost.

  3. That's right, he never asked for any government handouts. He got them by acting like a child and threatening to leave.

  4. So, in short, this is just Bruton getting pissed off about taxes...and threatening to move a race to Las Vegas. What a weasel!

  5. Wishful thinking: All the drivers boycott every track Smith owns. They could afford it and it would teach this greedy ass a lesson.

  6. yea Bruton because the suites that are in the infield can be purchased by the average race fan. Face it corp america uses those not the guy that really supports racing. every other year your crying about something, your just as bad as the owner that's taking money from the tax payers.. take your race to Vegas and good riddance...