Monday, April 1, 2013

Was Fontana the best race Joey Logano has driven in his NASCAR career?

   Neither Joey Logano nor Denny Hamlin took home the trophy at Fontana, but former NASCAR Cup champion and current Fox analyst Darrell Waltrip thinks Logano gained some confidence and respect he had been lacking the past couple of seasons.

    “That was the best race I’ve seen Joey drive,” Waltrip asserted. “He was aggressive and drove like he really wanted to win. I’ve seen him drive many races in which it seemed he left something on the table, but he didn’t at Fontana. Drivers in the past have taken advantage of him and he didn’t do much about it.

    "But he’s with a new team and has a pretty fast car this year, so it seems like he has found a new confidence he didn’t have at Joe Gibbs Racing. I think he realizes now is his time and he needs to take advantage of it, and we’ve seen that in his driving.”


  1. Agree!!. Some drivers has taken advantage and no respect of Joey because he is so cool and young. Did he was a little agresive last race? Yes he was, but he had to, especialy when Denny didn't respect him on the other race. Ï think part of Tony's anger is because Joey is so "loyal" that he should let him past but the new Joey didn't. I would like to watch Tony's language if someone instead Joey, like Harvick, Gordon, Johnson of other experiece driver blocked him. I hope Tony's team continue to sucks the rest of the season. Go Joey!!