Friday, April 12, 2013

Jimmie Johnson on the fine line sports walk when it comes to rivalries

   Five-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson offered an interesting explanation on Friday to the fine line all of sports must walk between encouraging intense rivalries and promoting a rash of fights and punches.

    Johnson was asked why it was good for NASCAR to take - for the most part - a hands-off approach to rivalries. Here is Johnson's answer:

    "I think rivalries are good. That is the fine line that sports walk. Unfortunately, regardless of sport if it’s someone charging the mound like what happened yesterday to drivers charging other drivers that draws a lot more attention to whatever sport it is. There are a small percentage of people that like that and they want to see punches thrown, but I think in general sports fans like rivalries," Johnson said.

   "We all thrive for that moment. That is kind of a line we walk and where the wave crashes. We want the rivalries, we want heated emotions and we want door banging. I don’t think the fans want a sterile environment they want some trash talking. That is the part we want, but we don’t want broken backs. We don’t want drivers injured issues like that. It’s a fine line that our sport walks and all sports walk.”

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