Monday, April 22, 2013

Is solar power on NASCAR's radar? "Absolutely yes" says official

   Dr. Mike Lynch, NASCAR's Managing Director of Green Innovation, recently took part in a question and answer session with Fortune magazine about how NASCAR is "going green."

    During the interview, Lynch was asked about solar power:

    "Do you ever think that NASCAR could exist racing cars that are driven by solar?"

    Here was Lynch's answer:

    "Well, you know, then you're kind of getting into the concept of a very exotic sort of solar car or charging an electric car or plug-in hybrid batteries with solar power. Is that something that we have on our advanced concept radar screen? Is this something that we're actively analyzing? Is this something we're paying real professional attention to? The answer is absolutely yes," he said.

    "Just like with the introduction of Sunoco Green E15 and all the other things that we've been doing, we have - like any other organization - very long lead times of analysis and prudent consideration before we're going to pilot or introduce something, especially when you're talking about something in a core racing series."

    Go here to read the entire interview.

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