Monday, April 8, 2013

Interesting what DIDN'T happen in Sunday's NASCAR race at Martinsville

   A cursory glance of much of what was written leading up to Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville, likely led race fans to expect to see several plots unfold during the race.

   But, here's what DIDN'T happen:

   - The 42 other drivers in Sunday's field did not gang up and knock Joey Logano around the track like a pinpall machine to exact revenge for Denny Hamlin's injury of two weeks ago.

   - Tony Stewart did not drive out of line on the pace laps and plant Logano in the wall for blocking in the previous race. In fact - gasp - Logano and Stewart passed each other several times in the race without making any contact whatsoever.

   - Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer didn't wreck each other every other lap to continue their "feud." In fact - gasp - the two sat together cordially in the media center after the race and discussed Sunday's outcome without the need to call security personnel.

    So, what DID happen?

   One of the sport's best drivers, who is a member of one of its best organizations, drove a heck of a race with a fast car to claim a win.

    In other words, racing happened.

   After all, that is what this is about.

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  1. Here's what else didn't happen -

    There was less passing - especially up front - than expected.