Thursday, April 25, 2013

At what point will Denny Hamlin consider not returning this season?

  NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Denny Hamlin talked about his visit with doctors this week and the determination that he continue to sit out races.

    Hamlin was asked, is there a point where he will consider not returning this season and go ahead with surgery on bulging discs that were already bothering him?

    Here was his response:

    "I think if this goes past Darlington then I don't know what the chances of us making the Chase are even if we were to race this weekend, race next weekend or the one after -- I don't know the chances. There's a lot of good teams that you have to beat to guarantee you're going to win the races. Obviously, if it goes past Darlington our chances are crushed even harder. Eventually you have to have a shutdown point of not going out there and racing for nothing at a point," Hamlin said.

    "I think a recovery on the kind of surgery that I would like to have is about a month-and-a-half or so -- I could potentially come back maybe for the tail end of the year. It wouldn't be a season-ending -- I don't think anything would be season-ending I guess you could say.
Eventually you have to know the point at which you're looking at improbabilities of making the Chase and just being smart about it. If everyone keeps getting these penalties, I'm going to be the points leader soon."

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