Friday, February 8, 2013

Rusty Wallace and the privilege of racing in NASCAR

   As he has done several times this year, Rusty Wallace again talked about the need of today's NASCAR drivers to appreciate the opportunity they have. He mentioned it during his acceptance speech on Friday night during his induction to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

   Afterwards, I asked Wallace why he felt it necessary to continue to share that message and why it was so important to him.

   Here is his answer:

   "Because I think there are some people that don't appreciate it enough. I think some people take it for granted, and I think some people really need to know that there's so many people out there that don't have a proper education like I don't have, and you go out there and you get in these damned race cars and you drive and they pay you millions and millions of dollars, and that's a hell of a privilege to do something like that," he said.

   "And I get it, I understand it, and I know unless there's people packed in them grandstands that the popularity of the sport is going to go down and we're all going to be looking for different work. But I'm just really grateful that I was able as a young kid out of St. Louis to be able to do this, and it pisses me off when I see some of these people that don't appreciate it enough, and I want all the drivers to appreciate NASCAR like I appreciated it. You don't have to think like I think, but you'd better damned think like I think on that issue."

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