Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charlotte Motor Speedway implements smoke-free policy for 2013

   Charlotte Motor Speedway has implemented a smoke-free policy for all three of its track this season.

    The following information is posted on the CMS Web site:

    For the health and comfort of our guests, grandstands and concourses at Charlotte Motor Speedway, zMAX Dragway and The Dirt Track are smoke-free. This policy also applies to terrace boxes, kids’ play zones, bathhouses and restrooms.

    In conjunction with this policy, smoking lounges with flat-screen televisions and high-top tables will be conveniently located at each of our three venues. Smoking is also allowed in open-air campgrounds, parking lots, hospitality and souvenir display areas.

    It is our goal to reduce the risk of secondhand smoke exposure to our fans, while still allowing the freedom of choice with convenient smoking locations during our events.

    Enforcement -- Ushers will direct those found smoking in the grandstands to the nearest smoking lounge, and repeat offenders will be asked to leave.

   To see pictures of available smoking lounges at the tracks, click here.


  1. Wonder what the car exhaust does for ya at the track... IM JUST SAYIN....


    FatBack out............

  2. next it will be no drinking beer in the grandstands. Nothing worse than a drunk redneck, cussing, fighting, flying the bird at #24 & 48 and hollering "GO JR"!!!

  3. Yeah there goes the sport.. Built by Winston destroyed by butt kissers..

  4. They want ban the beer cause they make to much money off of it.. Hell save your money stay at home what it on TV.. Nascar on the way out drivers better get rich now 20 years it wont be here... Thats my opinion I have followed the sport since 75 shame how everything has changed...