Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How NASCAR can teach leadership lessons

   Leadership lessons don't always have to come from traditional places like the military and football. New perspectives for bosses also flow from jazz and rock climbing. The chiefs can use the different angles to ease their pressure.

   A University of Michigan study reveals a CEO's average tenure is down to 3.5 years vs. 9.5 years just a decade ago. That's courtesy of Bob Parsanko and Paul Heagen, authors of "The Leader's Climb." They also see Nascar and golf as leadership incubation centers.

   Read more at Investor's Business Daily here


  1. No one in the France family is qualified to teach anything on leadership. Now if you want some classes on dictatorship, they are more qualified than anyone since Nikita Kruschev.

    1. That's no doubt true from an historical perspective, but that leadership undeniably created the number 1 racing organization in the US, if not the world. However, I would classify the current crop of people at the top of NASCAR's organizational chart as managers (as opposed to leaders) whose sole goal is lining their own pockets with as many almighty dollars as possible, and all others objectives are secondary. Oh, and by the way, the early dictatorial leaders were also interested in making money along with establishing the leading motorsports league.

  2. What doesn't surprise me is that Mr. Utter simply copy pasted the first paragraph of the Investor's Business Daily article and provided a link.

    What does surprise is that the article is as poorly written as something he would spew.