Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is a NASCAR driver like an NFL QB?

   NASCAR drivers have been called many things but how about a comparison to the quarterback position on an NFL team?

    Certainly, a driver is the most visible part of a NASCAR team and has a defacto leadership role in that regard.

    Here's Brad Keselowski's take on the question:

   “Yeah, certainly. I've said before in one of our media sessions that of all the spots or roles in professional sports that a race car driver is most similar to, I would put it right there with an NFL quarterback. There's a certain level of phenomenal talent you must have to achieve to be able to throw a ball down the field, but a large part of it is decision making, and you find that the elite athletes aren't all it takes. Elite athletes that can run around and throw the best pass, it takes more than that.

    "You have to be a great decision maker and a great leader, and that's why you see certain guys in football that are successful, and I feel that same way now. So that shows the importance of a solid mental approach as a foundation for being a great race car driver.”

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  1. The comparison fails because in modern NASCAR there is so little passing that the driver means next to nothing - only in the restrictor plate races does the driver's moxie actually mean anything.