Sunday, August 12, 2012

What do NASCAR fans want to see Tony Stewart drive?

   Last year, Tony Stewart's sponsor, Mobil 1, helped Stewart helped arrange an opportunity for Stewart to drive a Formula One car. This year, Mobil 1 to give Stewart the chance to drive something else, but it would like race fans' help.

   Until Aug. 27, fans have the chance to vote in three separate rounds to choose Stewart's ride. The winning vehicle, as decided by fans, will be announced during the “Mobil 1 Choose Tony’s Ride” exhibition at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Aug. 28 where Stewart will unveil the winning vehicle by driving it at the track.

   In the Round One, fans are voting between a Chevrolet Astro Van and a M36 GMC Jackson Tank!

   To vote, visit the Mobil 1 Facebook page here.

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