Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time for some facts on NASCAR's drug testing policy

   Everyone in NASCAR - and outside - is full of theories about what may or may not have triggered A.J. Allmendinger's failed random drug test. Much of the speculation has been triggered by carefully worded - but hardly specific - statements issued on his behalf by his business manager. Outside "experts" have also offered their own theories on what "could" have triggered the result.

   Almost ALL of these stories/theories/hypotheses can be rejected outright based simply on facts already in existence.

   Let's review:

   Fact No. 1: NASCAR and A.J. Allmendinger already know EXACTLY the substance that triggered the positive result. No further testing is needed to determine the substance.

   Fact No. 2: A.J. Allmendinger has already been offered the opportunity to provide any plausible explanation for a positive test result to the Medical Review Officer and those explanations were rejected.
   From the NASCAR Cup Series rulebook, Section 19-10: A form will be provided "to be completed by the NASCAR member that identifies all prescription and over-the-counter medications consumed by the NASCAR member in the preceding THREE months." NASCAR Members can submit the information in any way they choose.
   In addition, before the MRO notifies NASCAR of the results of a positive 'A' sample, the MRO contacted Allmendinger again to provide any plausible explanation for the positive test.  

   Fact. No. 3: The testing of Allmendinger's 'B' sample will involve NO additional testing that wasn't done for the 'A' sample.
   In the NASCAR Cup Series rulebook, Section 19-11, Part B, No. 3: "The 'B' Sample test will be performed in accordance with the SAME procedures used by Aegis in the original test of the 'A' specimen."

   Fact No. 4: NASCAR would not have suspended Allmendinger before giving him a chance to ask for the 'B' sample to be tested unless the substance in question could cause a danger to himself or other competitors.
   In the NASCAR Cup Series rulebook, Section 19-11, Part B, No. 7: "Upon notification of the original 'A' specimen positive test, NASCAR, in its sole discretion, may temporarily suspend a NASCAR Member's license before the 'B' sample test is completed based on the following reasons:
   (a) Concerns regarding the safety of the NASCAR Members and others at the Event or on-track.
   (b) Concerns regarding the fairness of a competition.
   (c) Exigent circumstances
   (d) Undue delay to accommodate the presence of the NASCAR Member at the 'B' sample test."
   Note: As part of routine MRO practice, every time a competitor or official is informed of an 'A' positive, the MRO asks whether he or she wishes to have the 'B' sample tested. NASCAR Members are officially given 72 hours to make the request.

   If you take these four facts of NASCAR's drug testing policy into account, you will find almost all of the theories, speculation, gossip and other explanations offered over the last week will be found to be completely irrelevant.


  1. It's simply irrelavant anyways. Why does everyone need to know what substance it was.

    If it were a nutritional supplement then there would be a need by NASCAR to explain their policy in more detail.

    If it was an illegal narcotic, then honestly it's nobody's business unless AJ wants to share that information. Otherwise media and fans will continue to throw him under the bus similar to Mayfield a few years ago.

    Before people speculate, wait until someone gives you more facts and go from there. Unfortunately in today's society and media, people jump on the first thing without doing the research that is required before throwing out blasphemous opinions.

    1. The vast majority of media that has spoken about this issue has said on every occasion that one, they don't know anything more than anyone else, and two, before giving their thoughts or opinions have stated that this is just speculation for speculation's sake. All the respected media members have given some kind of opinion, but I have found very few to give unfounded or implausible accounts or theories. Simply put, the fan base asks questions, specifically "What if" style questions. The media tries to answer those questions. As far as what the substance is... that IS everyone's business once you are put on a national stage like NASCAR. You loose that right when you decide to put yourself in front of millions of people on a weekly basis. Don't like it, don't put yourself out there. We, the public, have a right to know everything in this matter. Period.

    2. No we don't. Just because somebody is a Sprint Cup driver DOES NOT give us the right to know every single thing about them. People complain all the time about drivers not being as fan friendly anymore and this is exactly why.... because the fans aren't driver-friendly anymore!

    3. I will never understand people who keep saying we have a right to know. The drivers have a right to be kept safe. That's what this is about. It wouldn't bother me one bit if they didn't say anything at all. When it comes to sports and entertainment we have choices not rights. Give the driver a rope and let him decide how he wants to use it.

  2. While pundits add their theories to the subject, media members that are respected do so stating that they truly don't know all the facts yet. Most give their thoughts in the "What if" category simply to answer all of the questions that the public is asking in a manner without giving a non-answer. Saying, "We have to wait and see before we can say anything," is not acceptable to the general public. Correct or incorrect, they want to know the "What if's". It's great that you are digging into what is true fact here, and hopefully NASCAR will deem whatever all this is as not a "drug problem" but rather a mistake and Allmendinger will be able to overcome this mess quickly. I'd hate for this to become Mayfield round two.

  3. Maybe he was hanging out with some of the France offspring, like the one in Daytona that got busted in his Lambo w/ narcotics?

  4. The reason this is a story is because of NASCAR's reputation for making accusations and acting on them before facts come out. That the substance Allmendinger was busted on may in fact be legal and legitimate apparently never entered NASCAR's thought process.

    1. Highly unlikely IMO. If that were the case we would already know about it.

    2. NASCAR doesn't care if it's a legal and legitimate substance if it's in quantities inconsistent with the standard usage. This is not a legal issue at present, it's a policy violation issue.

    3. Legal substances could very well be what got him "Busted". It's not that he had the substance in his system it's the level of the substance. The policy may be the level created an unsafe condition or created a cheating condition. Example, if you get stopped for erratic driving and the cop thinks your drunk and you fail the FST you get hauled in and your pass the breath test at .04. It's the level that gets you in trouble not the substance. Opinions don't keep the drivers safe and the sport fair.

  5. amazing how many experts we have

  6. OK I'm a nurse, we have to pass random drug tests. I was on shift in the middle of a dealing with a patient, infection walked right up to me on the floor and said let's go its that time to test. Your given a form to fill out to state what medicines your "prescribed" that might offset a false positive result.
    If they have an issue with the result then they go to blood tests, hair cuticle testing and saliva testing. In our world it's a fail, in any other professional sport it's a fail. Remember that at the beginning of the season NASCAR gives the team owners the list of what is allowed and not allowed per they're policies. So it's never been a guessing game with the teams or driver's as to whats allowed and not.
    We need to remember if it's a controlled substance Class As I don't want someone with impaired judgement clipping me at 200 MPH and that's all that matters. I wish him the best and I hope he takes the recovery program that they are offering.

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