Monday, June 4, 2012

Jimmy Spencer: 'Kurt's suspension is long overdue'

NASCAR on Monday suspended Kurt Busch, driver of the No. 51 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet, until June 13 following a confrontation with a reporter after Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Dover International Speedway.

Busch, who already was on probation following an incident at Darlington Raceway last month, will sit out this weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway.

Jimmy Spencer, SPEED analyst and former driver, offers his perspective on Busch's situation and the resulting punishment:

"Kurt Busch's suspension is long overdue, and that is coming from someone who learned his lesson after sitting out a race for punching him a few years ago.

"Kurt has been given plenty of chances to right his wrongs and put himself back on the right path, but he has failed to take advantage of any of those opportunities.

"NASCAR had to do something to restore a sense of respect toward the sport on Kurt's behalf because he seems to consistently flaunt his disrespect for everything and everyone in this sport. Maybe sitting out and watching the race from the pit box or his couch will wake him up to how great he really has it.

"If Kurt is under the microscope, it is because he has put himself there by acting as if the rules don't apply to him. But the rules apply to everyone, and if you cannot treat your fellow competitors, crew members and members of the media in a respectable manner, you do not deserve to race. He's a hell of a driver, but until he gets his temper under control, he has no business in a race car.

"Speaking from experience, I can say that my suspension was extremely upsetting to me, but it made me a better person off the track. That's what Kurt needs now, and I hope this helps him. It seems to have straightened his little brother, Kyle, out, and I hope the same is true for Kurt."


  1. I can not totally agree with Mr. Spencer's opinion. I do agree with Kurt Busch being suspended for his actions at Dover, however I feel that NASCAR overreacted in Darlington. NASCAR has made it clear that they were going to let the drivers and crews work out their problems between themselves. Why should the run in at Darlington be any different? Fair is fair and I see nothing wrong with what happened in Darlington with Kurt.

    While I think NASCAR should police the drivers and the way they handle themselves on & off of the track, they need to be fair across the board when it comes to on track incidents and scuffles between teams. After all fights make for good ratings and I say let them have at it!!!!!!

    1. Operating his car in a dangerous and disrespectful manner in the occupied pit of a fellow competitor whom he was having an on-track issue with, was certainly worthy of probation!

      If a driver wants to come to blows with another driver, outside of the car, that's one thing... but when you use a car to do it, with unprotected people around... that's is felony assault!

  2. Although his comments are factually correct, why in the hell is Jimmy Spencer getting air time? He was a decrepit old has-been long before Kurt Busch said he was. Now, if Dale Jarrett or Rusty Wallace makes these remarks, they carry significant weight because they will both be in the Hall of Fame. I couldn't care less what the opinion of a man with absolutely no on-track accomplishments thinks.

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  3. I suspect that Spencer has won more races than you, yet you give your opinion freely. I guess it’s alright for you, but not for someone that you don’t approve of. What a load of b s.