Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anger issues resurface for Kurt Busch

DOVER, Del. -- Kurt Busch, who's already in trouble with NASCAR, was at it again Saturday at Dover.

Busch, who was put on probation by NASCAR after he did a post-race burnout in Ryan Newman's pit stall at Darlington in May, was asked by Sporting News reporter Bob Pockrass if the probation had an effect on how he raced Justin Allgaeir in Saturday's 5-Hour Energy 200 at Dover International Speedway.

"(Probation) refrains me from not beating the --- out of you right now, because you ask me stupid questions," Busch said in an interview that was also filmed by Speed. "But since I'm on probation, I suppose that's improper to say as well. If you could talk about racing things, we could talk about racing things, Bob."

Pockrass replied that the question was about racing.

"It's not racing," Busch said. "You're in this just to start stuff. That's all you're out here for."

It's not the first time Busch has had a run-in with the media. He had two confrontations with reporters at last season's Richmond race and was also seen on video verbally abusing ESPN reporter Dr. Jerry Punch. -- David Scott


  1. Kurt Busch is a hella driver, but he does have a bad attitude. Which would have been perfect before all this social media and so much media in general. But its 2012, and sponsors, fans and owners aren't gonna put up with it.

  2. Folks, are you tired of the Busch boys? Do you want to stop hearing about them acting like the spoiled brats their parents brought them up to be? Then ignore them...simply ignore them. Eventually the press will quit writing about them, and then nobody will hire them because they can't get sponsorship because nobody pays attention to them. Send this trash back to the city of sin, trash, etc they came from: Vegas.

    1. Kurt is what this sport needs!

      NASCAR has turned into a bland image of its former self!

  3. Are you kiddin me! NASCAR needs guys like Kurt, Kyle, Robbie Gordon. Racing has turned into a bland, single file, take the kids out for a Sunday drive fiasco! Let Kurt stir the pot! If he sticks his face out too far, the other drivers will 'correct' him.

    NASCAR isn't supposed to be Politically Correct. Aren't we all tired of seeing the kids of the drivers during the pre-race festivities? Sure they are cute but heck NASCAR is racing, pay backs, pissed off drivers...not prim and proper clean shaven Daddies and their botoxed women.

    We need drivers with the gonads to say what is on their mind and take it to the track.

    It is entertainment and by pulling the teeth out of the sport, the sport will die.

  4. It would be very difficult to respond to a heightened situation, boiling with emotion,with cameras in your face...but...this guy makes $$millions and still has no humility or is even thankful to be in his position.
    Nope..the world owes me and the media is trying to screw me over.
    Like other posters said...the media should just ignore him...period.!! But...he's out of the norm. He IS the story. He keeps it up, he'll be unemployed. Then he'll be begging for media.
    The guy is a great talent, just hate his attitude and sense of entitlement.

  5. This guy is very talented. I had hoped that his 'new' position this year would've humbled him a bit.
    I would've loved to have seen him realize his role, as a race car driver, and gone out and won some races with this new team.
    But he is the same old guy. Angry, bitter, sense of entitlement - whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately, I feel that Kyle has gotten his head around the emotions of being a race car driver (not perfect, but improved) and I think that Kurt is only going to hurt his brothers team.
    Give him time, he will be out of a ride again. Either from a grassroots team or out of his little brother's ride.

  6. Actually Kurt isn't what NASCAR needs... yes, I agree that NASCAR has become bland, but even 'back in the day' the personalities were respectful of the media and the other guy trying to do his job. The other drivers can smack him into his place, but treating media/officials/track workers like crap is just plain childish.

  7. Well, we can agree to disagree!

    The media is NOT NASCAR. They stuff a microphone in a driver's face at every opportunity. Listen to how they ask the questions. Most of the questions are leading questions, trying to put words in the driver's mouth.

    The only one that knows how to handle them is Smoke.

    Kurt is a hot head....GREAT...we NEED hot heads...NASCAR is a watered down, meant for TV soap opera.

    How about Childress trying to punch out Kyle? Yea, add the spice!

    What about Gordon trying to punch out Burton! Finally, some action!

    Look at a replay of last Fall's Martinsville race where tempers we HOT. That was some of the best racing in years. Even Junior got into the bump action.

    The All Star Race was a mockery. Segment winners lagging behind the field...and the Media trying to hype the Greatness of the Action! On the HUB, it sounded like it was the best race ever...but the pole taken and displayed on the screen showed 90% of the people wanted to change the format. The Media was totally disconnected from what we, the fans, want.

    A little sidelight on Kurt...a few years ago before the race and after the driver's meeting, I happened to be standing by one of the haulers. Kurt was asked by one of his crew if he would like to duck the fans and go between the trailers. Kurt said NO, I want to see the fans and proceeded to mingle with the people. He could have dodged the fans as did most of the other drivers but he chose to meet and greet...

    Not the media but the fans. Is he a hot head...Yes, but he is a Racer and a Fan's person....

    We can agree to disagree....

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