Friday, March 23, 2012

Harvick: Appeal ruling "like watching O.J. go free."

   You can always count on Kevin Harvick to offer up a fresh perspective on issues in NASCAR.

   On Friday at Auto Club Speedway, Harvick was asked about the NASCAR appeals process in light of this week's decision by NASCAR's chief appellate officer to rescind the points penalties and crew suspensions issued to Hendrick Motorsports' No. 48 team.

   "It’s a platform for everybody to state your case, and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose just like in the court of law. It’s really no different than that. It’s no different than watching a case like OJ (Simpson), and watching OJ go free. Watching that case, there’s no way you thought that was going to happen. Then you see the verdict, and then it happens. It’s very similar to that," Harvick said.

   "Sometimes you think something is cut and dry, and you think this is going to be the verdict, and the next thing you know it’s not. You move on and you go to the next one. But there is a platform for the teams to present their cases to a board, and obviously to the last step they took this time to present it again. I’ve been involved in it before from the team ownership side, and you prepare no different than you would going to a court case. It’s literally the exact same process.”


  1. Seriously Hissy Fit Harvick.....Did you really think that with all of the GMRoid links to this smoke and mirror fiasco, made up out of thin air penalty....there would be ANY repercussions for Convicted Felon Motorsports, Chad Potty Mouth Knaus and Five time?

    Boy they had you fooled.

  2. Why is everyone against Johnson/Knaus/Hendrick?
    The car never even made it to the template.
    Let's be realistic here: The car was confiscated by NASCAR and kept as "evidence"-If it was truly illegal, all they would have had to do was show the Chief
    Appellate Officer the car and template. Since they did not, it proves that it was not illegal.

  3. Who really cares? ...but the OJ comment is funny. Gosh, I hope he didn't upset any of the black NASCAR fans. Oh, wait.