Monday, January 9, 2012

Daytona test will unveil new rules

NASCAR is back in full gear as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams hit the pavement at Daytona International Speedway this week for three days of preseason testing.

The main focus of the test is for teams to work on their final preparations for 2012 Speedweeks – in particular, the 54th running of the Daytona 500 on Sunday, Feb. 26.

“This is an opportunity we are providing to the competitors to implement and test the new Daytona rules package for 2012,” said Robin Pemberton, vice president of competition. “It’s a chance for them to get comfortable with the cooling package, the smaller spoiler and to practice drafting for next month’s Daytona 500.”

The new rules package is a result of information gathered during recent tests at Talladega last October and at Daytona last November.

 “While we have had other tests with these set-ups, this is the first opportunity for the entire field to test together and get more comfortable with this package as it relates to their cars,” Pemberton said.

 The new rules package includes:
· Smaller radiators
o Maximum of 2 gallon capacity
· Smaller overflow tank
o Maximum capacity of ½ gallon
· Radiator inlet is moved up closer into the front center bumper area
· Rate reduction in the springs – softer springs
· Smaller rear spoiler
· Base line restrictor plate of 29/32 inch (1/64 inch larger than plate size for the 2011 Daytona 500)

“This three-day test will allow the engine tuners for these teams to be able to work with their engine packages and see how they relate and react to the new cooling regulations,” Pemberton said.


  1. Maybe I'm just missing something but how can you have a "base line restrictor plate" size when these cars no longer have a carburetor? Since they've moving to EFI how do they even figure out restrictor plate racing this year?

  2. If you figure it out let the rest of us in on it.LOL

  3. They are using throttle body injection which is the same as carburetors its just being accomplished with fuel injectors now.

  4. Why the new rules? If they think this will change superdraft racing they're bigger fools than they've already proven to be. They need to stop with this futile and wrongheaded attack on this form of racing - it's superior to what we had before.

  5. The evil doctor France is behind the curtain again trying to come up with something to fill all those empty seats........ Your day has passed, maybe you should have thought about that when you made those statements about "Getting away from our Redneck roots" back when things were good. No love lost here France -take it in the shorts like a man.

  6. France needs to give up on his "hollywood attitude". It has not and will not work in Nascar, he is ruining everything trying to please some one that don't care and haven't noticed him yet. Poor thing, bless his heart.

  7. This is a spec series. How ridiculous this has become. Such a shame to watch. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion...

  8. When he said "getting away from our redneck roots" he showed his ignorance. From then until now he has been proving it.
    What a maroon..

  9. Rule changes?????? This article fails to mention no driver can "Communicate" with another driver?????


    I'll bet several teams ALREADY have the Encrypted two way radio system and are using them!!!!!

    Especially Convicted Felon Motorsports of Rick Hendrick.

    NASCAR had better be issuing two way radios to each team or some, maybe most will be cheating!

    For those of you in the military and Police know what I am talking about. I have put hundreds of these systems in around the country.

    NASCAR will NOT be able to detect or SCAN the radio traffic because it is on a much different and scrambled (encrypted) frequency. NASCAR can not tell any difference in either radio being used, which is mounted in the car, with encrypted or Non-encrypted frequencies.

    I'll bet certain teams will be using them talking to their team mates!!!!

    The cost of using this system is more $$$$ but most team can afford it.