Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kyle Petty on Danica Patrick: "Do they give out trophies for 25th?"

    Former Sprint Cup Series driver and Speed analyst has been pulling no punches lately in discussions about IndyCar fan favorite Danica Patrick making a fulltime move to NASCAR next season.

   During Sunday's "NASCAR RaceDay" Petty reiterated his opinion Patrick is not ready for a fulltime Nationwide season or a move shortly thereafter to the Cup series.

   Here's Petty's exchange with NASCAR RaceDay co-hosts John Roberts and Kenny Wallace on Sunday morning:

   On the expected announcement Patrick is coming to NASCAR fulltime in the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series:
   Petty: “I really don’t have much to say on this. So, finally marketing is coming to NASCAR because we know driving isn’t coming to NASCAR. Let’s be serious about this. She ran 12 races last year. She’s made an improvement this year. To run the Nationwide Series, she’s basically going to have to run two full seasons during one. What I mean by that – the IndyCar season is only 15, 17 races. NASCAR Nationwide Series is a tough, freakin’ series. I don’t think she can be competitive. Was she competitive yesterday (Saturday in the Nationwide Series race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal)? Do they give out trophies for 25th? No, I ran 25th my whole life. I never got a trophy for 25th.”

   Roberts: They don’t give out trophies for 25th but she was running up near the front when the car broke … in the teens …
   Petty: “In the teens! Oh my gosh, Danica’s in the teens (joking). She’s not ready for Cup by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve said this before. I don’t think people realize how good a driver Joe Nemechek, Travis Kvapil, David Gilliland – how tough they really are. She can come up, she can bring marketing, she can sell t-shirts. These people out here (fans) can scream for her and pull for her but she’s going to have to do something on the race track at some point in time and she has yet to do anything on a NASCAR track yet. Give her a chance. I’m all for chances.”


  1. Kyle really does make good points. I disagree, though, that marketing is just now coming to NASCAR. Earnhardt Jr has been selling t-shirts and tickets for 10 years, and be honest with yourself- he has very little real talent. His only saving grace is his daddy's name.

  2. Jr. has won races in both the minor and major Nascar circuits Danica has not. That argument is like apples and oranges. Back to the subject at hand, more then likely the most talented part of Kyle Petty rand down his mama's leg. He is jealous because of all the attention Patrick is getting because he got zero attention because of all the other talented drivers in Nascar during his career. She is a talented driver and a woman, and it seems he cannot handle that. It will take her a while to get use to the car in Nascar but she will adapt and overcome. I do believe she has more testicular fortitude then a lot of the drivers in Nascar now.

  3. KP is a big fucking pussy period. DP she is a living legend,has more driving talent then he has ever had ! There is know doubt in my mind she could whip his sissy ass,so watch that mouth you spoiled bratt !

  4. All Kyle does here is tell the truth. Danica has NEVER had the talent to race; her ONLY credential to race is that she is a woman. That's all.

  5. Bashing before the season as even started .. not cool KP . Your Daddy wouldn't like to hear this im sure and none of the other petty s would ether.. Suck that you Lost a son to racing . and it sucks that you were forced in to racing because of your last name. but Deep down we all know you
    (kyle petty) HATE RACING AND NASCAR. Your clearly only doing this because of lack of options and talent . just keep on riding on your last name. But don't down Other for trying something New or Different ..

  6. i hate k.petty... no talent, couldn't win a race without cheatin....coat tail ridin' asshole!

  7. And almost two years later and time has proven Kyle Petty correct....Her fans can hate it but he is correct....