Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess what? Probation's over!

   NASCAR had to issue a warning to drivers Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch early in Sunday’s 5-Hour Energy 500 at Pocono Raceway when the two couldn’t seem to get out of each other’s way battling for position.

   The two were on probation through this weekend for a post-race incident on pit road last month at Darlington, S.C.

   “It seemed like he was trying to make it awfully difficult on me,” Busch said of Harvick. “There’s a couple times where I just had to back off and wait, got back to him and tried to pass him again.

   “Maybe that shows his character and who he is, how he feels he needs to race on the race track. It’s not my fight. He’s trying to turn it into one.”

   "He knows he's got one coming," Harvick said when he was asked about the run-in. "I just wanted him to think about it."

   Did Harvick think Busch had?

   "Of course he did. It's all a free game now. Probation's over," he said.


  1. OMG! Someone didn't just move out of the way and give up their position for Kyle Busch to pass them? The nerve of some people! I swear...

  2. They can "have at it" all they want, but when they take out a car that wasn't involved in their garbage they should have to foot the bill for it.

    I know someone is going to say "getting caught in a wreck is a risk of racing", and it is, when it's a wreck and not a spin-job by a supposed adult acting like a child. The men and women at those shops work too damn hard for babies to tear up what they built.

  3. I wish there had been a major incident on Sunday. Pocono is the most mind-numbing, insomnia-curing, depression-inducing, excruciatingly boring race track I have ever encountered. I actually like road course racing better than Pocono (and I'd rather have my toenails removed with ice picks than watch road course racing). Why they continue to torture us with two 500-mile races there every year is beyond me. A single 400-mile race would be punishment enough.

    And Michigan is only marginally better. Looks like I'll get a good nap in on Sunday afternoon, unless Busch & Harvick decide to mix it up.

  4. Seriously, GROW UP BOYS! That's for both of them. Jesus.

  5. Looked to me like Harvick was the instigator and Busch played it smart. Why does Busch have one coming? Harvick still has Homestead to pay for...and Pocono...and...